Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog days of Summer

In the past I've introduced to my puppy Bear, an Australian shepherd mix, that we rescued from A Forever Home, one of my favorite local animal charities. You can read more about our involvement with AFH here.  But today I thought I would introduce the rest of our furry pack. With the heat in DC this summer we've been staying in if at all possible, but after walking our 4 dogs in the heat, our living room normally has dogs napping all over the place. Here are a few images I snapped today (without a model release form). 

If your interested in who these fur balls are, from left to right, top to bottom, we have Bear, the lady's man, who always sits as soon as he see's a lovely lady coming towards him. Next we have Coco, a German pincher mix, who we found wandering the neighborhood and took her in. As a result of living on the streets so long, she loves to eat anything, and I mean anything, but is terrified of storms and firecrackers. If she hears a loud noise while out of the house she makes an immediate b-line to her house no mater how far we are away. There's no chance she'll ever loose her home again. Then we have Autumn a German Shepherd/Chow, who has a problem with depth perception but is always happy to give a high fives. Last but not least is Honey, our 16 year-old golden mix that's not large but still in charge. My husband rescued her back when he was in HS school from her abusive owners.  She's had a great life ever since and always yells at the young ones if they get too wound up.  

Now, if you love your dog or dogs as much as we do,  you're probably thinking of having them in your wedding?  While this is an option for some (see how these couples did it) for many destination brides it's not.  Check out how this couple kept their dog Sampson involved without having him physically present.  {Vicki}

Our Dogs

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