Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free Saturday = Bike Ride in the City!

Here are some images I snapped during a bike ride around the monuments in DC. First is my Husband and right hand man, Phong, relaxing by the monuments with his favorite puma's. I love people watching, who doesn't? We saw this great kid with a mohawk that matched his dad's. If we ever have kids, they will definitely get a supper cool mohawk like this one. I loved my recent trip to india and adore all the fabrics and colors of Saris. This one lady near the monuments had a beautifully colored sari on and looked so wise and peaceful as she sat near the water feature as the sun set. I loved the lighting. Last but not least is my Husband again riding around and acting his goofy self so I can practice my action shots. Not too bad considering he was headed towards me at full speed. {Vicki}
Bike Ride City

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