Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crystal and Jed - Korean Pebeck Ceremony

So today I'm posting some details about Crystal & Jed's Korean Pebeck. After Crystal & Jed changed into their traditional attire for the Pebeck, they made their way down to the living room of the Thomas Birkby House which we set up in the Korean style for the ceremony. The set up included a low table with food spread out on top, such as chestnuts and dates, a traditionally painted folding screen, and mats for sitting and bowing. Many of the bride and groom's relatives were involved in the ceremony and inquisitive guests stood towards the back to observe the Pebeck. Between the table and the folding screen, the couples family sat as the bride and groom stood in front and proceeded to bow on their knees and offer tea to the parents.  It was a colorful and cheerful ceremony with many smiles and all those that witnessed and participated in it seemed honored to be involved. {Vicki}

Korean Pebeck

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