Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a Vest - Groom's Attire

Today I'm headed out with one of my favorite local photographers to go antiquing, have lunch, and take some cute pictures of our new rescued puppy. Since it's August and I'm choosing between cute shorts or an airy dresses, I thought it was important to take a minute to think about all the summer grooms out there and what they can wear to stay cool and look cool at the same time.  The traditional suit or tux on a 90 degree day may not sound like the best idea and so many grooms are opting to just sport a cool vest.  I personally think it's the perfect option for so many grooms. Vest can be either formal or funky and can really show off the grooms style. Vest perfectly fit the feel of an outdoor wedding and can easily match the vibe of a city or country affair.  What will your groom be wearing on the big day? Check out these stylish grooms and hopefully their vests will give you some ideas.  {Vicki}

Vest - Grooms Cool Attire

First Row: Katie DayTerra Tabbytosavi/ Second Row: Lindsay Docherty PhotographyMark Brooke/ Third Row: Ashley MaxwellMark Brooke/ Fourth Row:Jose VillaMark Brooke/ Fifth Row: Sarah Yates

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  1. Usually the grooms wedding attire will dictate what the other male members of the wedding party will wear so he needs to choose the right attire in the right style. With a formal church wedding it is traditional to wear top hat and tails whilst a simple trouser suit is suitable for a less formal wedding. But whilst you maybe fussing over various styles and fabrics it is easy to forget that the choice for his wedding attire is fairly varied too