Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Worldwide Wednesdays - A Day in Mexico City

Below are some images from a day I spent in Mexico City. I started with a tour of The Bellas Artes Palace and then Chapultepec Castle with amazing outdoor marbled terraces and gardens perfect for a jaw dropping event. Then it was refreshments at the Four Seasons Mexico in their outdoor courtyard. They had simple but dramatic arrangements of deep red rose bouquets throughout the hotel. I loved the berry ice tea with a personal serving of simple syrup to sweeten the drink to my liking and the girls couldn't resist a selection of desserts for our late afternoon sugar kick. I'm definitely going to use the individual simple syrup idea in the future.  At night, as we walked back to our hotel the architecture of many of the central districts buildings were illuminated to enhance their grandeur. I always say how important lighting is, it really sets a wonderful mood.  The red, white, and green of Mexico's flag seemed to pop up everywhere with hints of gold. A very traditional and elegant color combination. 

Mexico Day in the City


  1. Absolutely Stunning!!

    - Leah

  2. Oooh, I love DF and Taxco! Still one of my favorite trips of all times. Mexico is so amazing.