Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Detail Photos and the Dress

So you've spent a year planning your big day, deciding on hundreds of little details and hand picking out the perfect accessories. It's the week before the wedding and your pulling everything together to take to the hotel, head to your parents house, or take to the venue the morning of the big day. You've planed for when your hair and makeup artists will start and when the photographer will arrive to snap candid pictures of you, your girls, and your mom getting ready. But have you thought about your photographer capturing all the personal details and what you need to have out and ready when the photographer arrives?   Photographers need time to style your favorite accessories and your dress for great photos, and if these items are not easily accessible or the photographer doesn't know about them, the chance that you may not get an image of them is high.  Here is a list of items that I remind my bride's and their maids of honor to have out and ready for when the photographer arrives.  The dress, and a nice hanger (see below), jewelry, shoes, an invitation, the rings, garter, purse, and any other personal details that you may have like a ring bowl, or broach for your mom.  Images of these items help tell a story of your day and every detail that went into it.

Check out these personalized hangers to display your dress on your wedding day.
First Row: Twisted Sisters Stitchery - Jonilyn Photography, Lila Frances on etsy/ Second Row: Lila Frances on etsy, Paloma's Nest

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