Friday, October 8, 2010

Colored Glass

When you're deciding on a color palette for your wedding, besides taking some cues from the venue, and the feel you envision for your event, think about bringing in color through the vases and glassware. If you love blue's and yellow's, you may want to use all yellow flowers and have the vessels that hold your flowers bring in the color blue. Different colored vases add interest and a unique feel to a table scape verses using standard clear glass cubes. Drink glasses also come in a multitude of colors and unique shapes and can infuse more depth into your tables.
Colored Glass Weddings
First Row: JL Designs, Photo by Gabriel Ryan/ Second Row: Jon Jensen Photography/Third Row: Love Ala Photography/ Fourth Row: Wohn Idee mag via She Walks in Beauty,  Millie Holloman Photography/ Fifth Row: Fat Orange Cat StudioTim Halberg,Rosanna Bowles 

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