Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Worldwide Wednesdays - Moza Tile

Moza is a tile company that was created by Szilvi Kauker, a young designer in Hungary. Her objective is "to revive this almost forgotten traditional technique dating back to the middle of the 19th century, to preserve the patterns of these traditional tiles for the future generations and to create our own unique style by introducing new patterns and special color combinations."  When I came across her beautiful olive and burgundy tile design it was the perfect inspiration to create a natural, back to earth type of event, with simple beautiful organic foods served family style, accented with local flowers and greens, and all brought together in an amazing outside setting.

Olive and burgundy Wedding

First Row: Moza tile, Ariella Chezar, Photo by Ms. Mel Barlow Mr. Allan Zepeda/ Second Row: Image via Design Sponge photo by Matt Armendariz,    Jessica’s Country Flowers, Furoshiki gift wrap by Persimmon and Pine on etsy, Photo by Ms. Mel Barlow and Mr. Allan Zepeda/ Third Row: Meg SmithJennifer CauseyMeg Smith

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