Thursday, November 26, 2009

2010 Green Acres Inspiration - Wedding 360 Contest

Happy Turkey Day! 
I recently entered a contest sponsored by Wedding 360 where they are challenging creativity. The submission required a description and inspiration board that designs a wedding for a couple reminiscent of the show Green Acres, with Lisa, a glamorous wife and Oliver, a traditional farmer type. 

So here is the board I created and to read some of the description please visit the Wedding 360 blog. 


First Row: Taylor Creative Inc., Jose Villa, Heather Waraksa/ Second Row: Centric Photography, The Time Photography, ART Design/ Third Row: Jose Villa, Carla Ten Eyck/Fourth Row: Jon Jensen Photography, Karen Wise Photography/ Fifth Row:  Leigh Miller photographer, Wendy Maclaurin Richardson Photography, Henry & Masci Photography/ Sixth Row: Raw Photo Design, Oh How Charming/ Seventh Row: Lisa Lefkowitz, Alders Photography, Elizabeth Messina/ Eight Row: Christian Oth Studios, Tine Pine Press, Christian Oth Studios/ Ninth Row: Henry & Masci Photography, Christian Oth Studios/ Tenth Row: Docuvitae PhotographyTallant House cake/ Eleventh Row: MET Chandelier by Lobmeyr, SharonPappas Photography/ Twelfth Row: Myrtle & Marjoram, Stephanie Fay Photography, Jose Villa/ Thirteenth Row: Squire Fox Photography/Milly Design Studio, Jose Villa, Pieces Inc./ Fourteenth Row: Tom Dixon Design, ART Design/ Fifteenth Row: Missy Cochran, High Style Deco

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