Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pink and Blue Caribbean Bride

One of our stunning brides for 2010 is working with us to plan an intimate and relaxed Caribbean destination wedding. We have been working hard to pinpoint the perfect venue and location that includes lush grasses, palm trees, and great views overlooking pristine blue water. I’m sure many of my brides already know and love Abby at Style Me Pretty and her new Style Circle where you can create stunning inspiration boards like a pro. Below is one that our Caribbean bride created, and it was so perfect that I had to post it for everyone to see. I’m in love with the color combination of navy blue and bright pink, and the canopy over the long table is so romantic.

What are your favorite Caribbean destination?

Wedding Theme

Photography by John Michael Cooper, Photography by Jessica Strickland, Jessica Strickland Fine Art, Dress by Justin AlexanderDress by Justin AlexanderDress by Justin Alexander, cake photo by Matthew Tennison Photography, aisle photo by Angie Silvy Photography, shoes via Photography by The KnotPhotography by The Knot The Knot, table d├ęcor photo by Tana Photography, bouquet photo by Generation Photography, canopy and table photo by Angie Silvy Photography

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