Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bali Bride Inspiration - 2010

Lately, I've had the pleasure of working with a wonderful bride in California who is planning an intimate Bali wedding after my own heart. I've been coordinating with some of the best vendors on the island, who I adore, to bring to life the brides vision. To help plan destination weddings, the language and cultural expectations for weddings can be very different, so no matter the location, it makes it much easier if you provide images of exactly what you want to each of your vendors. The below inspiration board is helping all of our Balinese vendors understand the vision for our brides big day.

In working on the timeline for this event it was critical to plan around the sunset time and understand how quickly we will loose the natural light. In Bali once the sun sets it gets dark almost immediately, while in other destinations the sun may set, but the sky remains light for a significant amount of time. With this in mind, most of the important events will be planned prior to, during, or immediately after sunset, such as cake cutting and any special dances. But once it gets dark there will be a traditional 20 member Balinese Gamelan orchestra and dance performance to get the party going. So if you are planning your own destination wedding, make sure to take into account not only the sunset time, but how fast you lose light.


First Row: White cattleya orchids, DJones Photo, Villa Semarapura/Second Row: Photo by Jasmin Star, Asgeir Fotographica/Third Row: Richard Photos, Asgeir Fotographica,Villa Nicole Miller Dress/Fourth Row: DJones Photo, Asgeir Fotographica /Fifth Row: Amy Squires, Amy and Stuart Photography/Sixth Row: Chair photo by Photo Factory/Seventh Row: Style Me Pretty /Photo by Valeria and Juan/Eighth Row:/Ninth Row: Marni Rothschild Pictures

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  1. You really have done a wonderful job creating the perfect and unique look and feel for our Bali weddding. I am so grateful to have found you and can't wait to send you lovely pictures celebrating your work of art upon our return in May 2010!!

    Lots of respect and appreciation,
    Your wonderful California Bride ;-)