Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chesapeake Inspiration

While I grew up in Silver Spring Maryland, I enjoyed many summers on the water around Annapolis and on the Chesapeake Bay with my family. My twin brother and Dad are avid fishermen and spend plenty of time crabbing, resulting in many weekend crab feasts. To this day I'll never turn down an invitation to a crab feast. There just something comforting and relaxing about siting down with friends and family to eat crabs for hours on end. It's great to relax, listen to stories, and enjoy the taste of Maryland's Ketchup "Old Bay". Love that stuff. This weekend I'm headed to the beach for a few days to spend with my family and I'm sure there will be at least one dinner at a crab shack. I can't wait!  

A few people know that my brother met his now girlfriend (my friend) at my wedding in Bali. Who would have thought? If they ever decide to tie the knot, I know his deep love for fishing and the Chesapeake will inevitable lead to a relaxed dockside wedding with oysters on the half shell and crabs. Here's some Chesapeake inspiration for all of you and your guys that love the water.  

Chesapeake  Wedding Inspiration

First Row: The  Blonde Photographer, Jenny Yoo gown, Michelle Turner/ Second Row: The  Blonde Photographer/ Third Row: Holly Chapple Flowers photograph by  Anne Robert Photography, Jenny Yoo gown, Holly Chapple Flowers photograph by Anne Robert Photography/ Fourth Row: The  Blonde Photographer,   Jonathan Canlas' photography, Kellan Studios

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