Friday, January 1, 2010

Platinum and Plum

Welcome 2010!  We have a lot of new things planned for 2010 and hope to reveal them soon, but in the meantime we will continue our goal to inspire. One of our stunning 2010 brides is planning a platinum & plum inspired affair. I love this color combination and haven't seen it used very often. I can't wait to see this wedding come together. What color combinations do you love for 2010?
platinum and plum

First Row: Matthew Mead StyleJasmine StarJennifer Skog /Second Row: Milena Seffrovich Photography,  Watters  Bridesmaids Dress,  Jasmine Star/ Third Row:  Meg Perotti, Row: Milena Seffrovich Photography/ Fifth Row: Millie HollomanLuna Photo/ Sixth Row: ImpressionenMatthew Mead StyleMillie Holloman

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